Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revenue Data Proves "We're Broke" Walker Has No Credibility

That this older post (and a few others which I have inserted back where they should have run) showed up for publication suggests to me that Google is restoring lost posts and thus my blog's full functioning.

[Last] Wednesday we learned that our "broke" state - - as Scott Walker falsely called it - - is headed for $600 million in increased revenues over the next three years.

I've lost count of the Walker statements that have been proven false, and, frankly, don't have the energy right now to Google search/blog search/PolitFact search and find them.

We do know he misled the public on his union-busting intentions, then repeated the falsehood until he found himself under oath in the US House of Representatives where saying it again could have led to some really serious consequences.

Well - - OK.  Here's the Congressional demolition of Walker, and one summary of what he's said in the recent past and why he is not believable.

And why it is becoming a matter of necessity that his term, and those of his Senate allies, end as quickly as the recall process permits.

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