Saturday, May 21, 2011

DNR Inching Towards Accepting For Formal Review Waukesha's Lake Michigan Water Application

Don Behm lays out the steps ahead assuming the DNR begins its formal review of a precedent-setting bid by the City of Waukesha to divert water from Lake Michigan.

Aall eight Great Lakes states must give their approval.

Among the unanswered qeustions: whether the neighboring Town of Waukesha wants to remain in the application's proposed water delivery area.

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Anonymous said...

Let me predict the answer to the Town question.


It's quite clear they feel uneasy about trust with the City of Waukesha, and more importantly they much prefer the other SEWRPC recommendations to enjoin in regional cooperation to raise the level of the aquifers.

Got it? They know that there's enough water for everyone without a diversion.