Saturday, May 21, 2011

A GOP Last Stand

Scott Walker exhorts the state GOP to raise money for Republican senators who are being recalled because of his recklessness.

I've just finished reading Nathaniel Philbrick's great new book on George Custer and the Battle of Little Bighorn; I see some similarities between Walker and these recalled GOP senators and the troopers who rode over the ridge with Custer, stood, then fell with him.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of last stand's, where is your comments on Kloppenberg losing (yet again) to Prosser.

Or are you cheerleading for the endless court fight da union plans to wage?

James Rowen said...

Where is my comments?

OK - - I supported the recount because I think it was correct and proper and desirable for the state to force a fair tally, and to make Waukesha County in particular count every vote the way it should have counted in the first place, instead of tolerating that rinky-dink charade it allowed its County Clerk to stage and call an election.

And be congratulated for by the County DA.

Thanks for asking.