Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Letter To The Editor About The Need To Keep Phosphorus Out Of Wisconsin Waters

From the Journal Sentinel on May 23,  in response to Scott Walker's plan to suspend Wisconsin's regulatory approach to phosphorus pollution:

Implement ban on phosphorus now

Phosphorus is the prime cause of cladophora growth, the invasive algae that washes up on Lake Michigan's shores harming our lakefront. That's why it is deeply troubling that the state budget proposes to delay the ban on phosphorus.

As an area businessman, I've never been fond of regulations. But as a grandfather and someone fortunate enough to own property on the lake, I understand the need for regulations to protect our valuable assets.

The Lake Michigan shoreline is one of Wisconsin's prime attractions, but thanks to increased phosphorus runoff, families aren't able to enjoy the lakefront.

Over the past few years, I haven't been able to let my grandkids in the water because of the rotting weeds that contain harmful bacteria, including E. coli. They can't play barefoot in the sand without risking infected cuts from mussel shells that accompany the cladophora.

And the state, which we count on to protect us, now says we'll have to wait years before it can even start to clean up this mess.

Let's not put our children at risk this summer by allowing phosphorus pollution to continue to damage our lake. Wisconsin needs to implement the phosphorus ban now.

Jim Te Selle
Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition

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