Friday, May 27, 2011

When More Guns Are Carried, More Guns Will Be Used To Defend One's Beer And Bar Food

Remember that the version of concealed carry that Republican knuckleheads are set to pass in Madison says you can carry a gun just about anywhere, without a license or training in its use.

So here we go...track this case that involved a dispute over some beer and wings. Seriously.

We first noted it here, just as legislators were even making gun carrying permission more widespread by removing a proposed prohibition against carrying concealed weapons in the State Capitol.

There's a brilliant idea.

We'll keep track of the inevitable consequences...guns being whipped out to defend territory, masculinity, bar snacks, bars, counseling sessions, Little League arguments, neighborhood disputes, school conferences...

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Reagan's Disciple said...

Wisconsin has "open carry" so you can already carry a gun most places without training in WI. The issue is how much in permit fees and training is it going to cost you to put on a jacket or sweater over the gun.