Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WHEDA Spokesman Must Not Have Seen WHEDA's 'Be Civil 24/7' Memo

Dan Bice told readers in his Sunday (column iten #2) about the hiring of busy conservative Franklin blogger and former GOP legislative staffer Kevin Fischer as spokesman at WHEDA - - the Wisconsin Housing Economic Development Authority, essentially the state's development bank.

Not long ago, I wrote about WHEDA's recently-issued rules about employees' use of social media, including blogs, which told all employees - - even on their own time - - to be thoughtful and civil, and informed them that that their social media postings were monitored 24/7.

The WHEDA memo, says, and the bold-facing is in the agency's  original text:  

"Don't pick fights"...don't alter previous posts without indicating that you have done so...Respect your audience and your coworkers...Be thoughtful about how you present yourself in online social networks..."
So I note below the full text of a recent Fischer entry about Senate Democrats on his blog, "This Just In," and wonder how it aligns with WHEDA's written policy:

Those crazy, wacky state Senate Democrats

May 19, 2011  

Heard today on the floor of the state Senate before photo ID was finally approved, hyperbole to the nth degree:

1) Lena Taylor used all kinds of historical references including Dred Scott and poll taxes to suggest photo ID proponents are racist. Taylor was on the verge of becoming totally unglued, ready to scream and cry and throw her microphone. But Gwen Moore-lite hasn’t perfected those theatrics just yet.

2) Spencer Coggs said having to show an ID at the polls would have “a chilling effect” on the majority of Wisconsin residents. Right, Spencer, because millions of Badgers don't have photo IDs and are virtually too stupid to be able to get one without a heavily subsidized government outreach/education program.

3) Chris Larson, proving that he’s not just a kleptomaniac, he’s also nuts, referred to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as “conservative.” That's news to the Pulitzer Prize winners.

4) Pompous windbag Bob Jauch said May 19, 2011 was “the day democracy died in Wisconsin.”

5) Another Jauch-ism: the process used to approve photo ID was “absolute tyranny.”

6) More pomposity from Jauch: He said there was a GOP pattern of “dictatorial madness.”

7) And finally, one more from the Goodyear blimp Jauch. There is “one good benefit in this tragedy. Citizens will return government in Wisconsin to the institution people are proud of.”

Hmmmm. How that can possibly be if so many people who would vote Democrat won’t be able to get their hands on a photo ID?

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