Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scott Walker Makes Winds Of Change Blow Backward In Wisconsin

Pro-fossil fuels Gov. Scott Walker and real estate interests are making it impossible for any new wind farms to be installed in Wisconsin.

It's a crazy approach that is killing investment and jobs in a state allegedly open for business.

So while we go backward in Wisconsin, major corporations are looking forward.

Such as Google, a big believer in wind power.

But Walker & Co. wouldn't want to study a marginal start-up firm like that to learn anything about where the energy economy is heading.

So how about Kohl's Department Stores, a successful national firm based in Wisconsin?

It's about the greenest company in the country.

Can Walker look past the name of the firm - - to which US Sen. Herb Kohl, (D), has no connection - - and learn a thing or two about why you want your state and its economy to be ahead of the curve?

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