Friday, May 20, 2011

Alberta Darling, Star WalkerTalk Pupil

Somebody's been doing her homework up in River Hills.

State Sen. Alberta Darling's absurd explanation that cutting 30%, and hundreds of millions of dollars through 2020 from the state's signature land conservation fund, is not "backpedaling" on interest in stewardship reminded me Scott Walker's of saying his anti-union plan was a "modest" proposal.

I collected a few other examples of WalkerTalk a few weeks ago, and the title, lede and last line of that post suggest Darling can walk the Walker walk, and talk the talk, too:

ScottWalkerTalk Obscures

The Scott Walker Gang has been taking Rhetoric 101 and talking like they aced the class...

The conclusion of today's lesson in Political Speak: when you hear warm and fuzzy terminology from this bunch, think the opposite.

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