Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walker Allies In Legislature Diminish Their Own Jobs, Democratic (Small "d") Tradition

GOP legislators work towards giving Walker a veto over administrative rule approvals that currently require a legislative hearing and vote.

Besides concentrating power in the Executive branch without a demonstrated need, they are declaring themselves less relevant.

How many examples of power-grabbing do we need to recount.

Voting them out of office as early as the recall elections this summer is a good first step in getting rid of an Emperor and his court.

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Annie K. said...

Well let them finish their work here for god's sake.
It;s one thing if the current Republicans are willing to sacrifice their own power and their own careers to Walker. Sure they may still have "careers if they brown-nose Mr. Brown Bag. But he won't be
allowing" his fellow state Republicans to build strong INDEPENDENT careers that compete with media attention and influence for himself.

There's no way some of the Republicans voting for this and publicly supporting Walker aren't seeing the pattern here. I used to work for a narcissistic power-freak. He ONLY advanced weak and less intelligent people, preferably people who had serious flaws in their employment files. So they were employed at a level with him that they could not hope to get elsewhere.
Wow, did they obey. Plus, as I said they were not the most brilliant lot, so it also relieved them of having to really did in an come up with ideas/solutions of their own, AND they were never TRULY accountable for things that didn't work out cuz they were following orders. So the Fail-Team actually worked out for a few years.
Head man moved on, the morons remained behind.
But. more relevant to the Republicans in WI who have worked to secure their OWN political role. The smarter people were sidelined. As you say. The goal was not to have a team of strong viable warriors, the idea was to make the one guy feel important. It's ugly while it lasts, and really ugly as the system collapses. But these other WI Republicans' time is now. And some of them will be able to curl up with some serious regret on cold winter nights because they'll realize they threw themselves under the Walker Bus..

BUT on to the good news!
Let them (lol like any Democrats can stop this anyway)

He can make them all miserable. and He (is wish I could write "she" but we can't expect that either) will be King

Work hard boys! Undermine your future power as a party!
Or, make DAMN sure all the voting machines in WI are funky funky funky and make y'all win by landslides for evaaaar!

If they can't do that, we'll have a Democrat King some day. Who can... basically support the Republican agenda in every possible way.
I can hardly wait for victory.