Monday, May 23, 2011

Scott Walker: Brays About His Decade-Long Fight To Deny Voting Rights

Governor 52% Tweets a brag about his decade of support for Voter ID:

Governor Walker

Ten years ago, the Wisconsin State Bar said this about Walker's then-failed Assembly bill:
Assembly Bill 259 - AB 259 requires certain voter identification in order to be able to vote. After a significant amount of "discourse," the Assembly passed AB 259 by a 61-36 vote. The Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section o [sic] the State Bar of Wisconsin opposes AB 259 on the basis that it could disenfranchise some voters. 
What kind of leader, what kind of elected official would brag about being on that side of an issue?


grumps said...

A poor leader. A clueless elected official.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Deny voting rights? How could anyone come to that conclusion?

In the words of MKE Mayor Barrett....

Just one name, give me just one name of someone who will not be allowed to vote because of this bill.

Anonymous said...

Would not "trumpeting" be more appropriate?

From a symbolic standpoint, braying is actually something only a Democrat would do.

Anonymous said...

Reagan's Disciple: You must live in a world where everyone has photo ID. Believe it or not, many people do not. They include large numbers of poor people, nonwhite people and people who do not speak English (and yes, you can be illiterate in English and still eligible to vote).

Please educate yourself about the barriers to obtaining Voter ID if you do not drive, are poor, change addresses frequently,or otherwise live the kind of complicated life that many poor people lead.

This travesty is being pushed not to protect voting, but to limit voting to people more likely to vote Republican. With virtually zero voter fraud taking place, how could anyone come to any OTHER conclusion?

Paul Berge said...

What kind of leader would boast about that?
A Republican. And I thought you'd been paying attention.