Monday, May 16, 2011

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Is Now Officially Hostile To Gay Couples

Walker moves to bar gay couples from enjoying hospital visitation privileges extended to heterosexual couples.

Set aside for a moment Walker's one-dimensional, "Open For Business" mantra that also closes off Wisconsin to new industries - - wind power, rail upgrades, and other alternative energy or conservation-based tourism: there is an ugly, punitive side to Walker's thinking (sic) and actions that defy common sense and besmirch the state's progressive, tolerant reputation.

This anti-gay stance by Walker - - ask yourself how many times you have been in a hospital situation with a loved one, and what it would like to have that contact barred to you - - is designed to win support on the far, homophobic and ideological right-wing.

Think about how it contradicts the right's so-called belief in "choice." OK for schools. OK for de-regulation. OK for health care. OK for 401-K's, and so on.

Not OK for human beings who happen to be gay.

Walker's action is mean-spirited, with no redeeming value to anyone, anywhere in Wisconsin.

I hope we bring this shameful chapter in Wisconsin politics to a halt with successful recall elections against Walker's Senate allies, and finally next year with a successful recall and defeat of Walker himself.


Trotter said...

Walker is a political sociopath with no moral compass.

Joe Hilyard said...

Just one more reason (my list is now up to about 50) for recalling Snotty in January 2012.