Thursday, May 26, 2011

Concealed Carry Approved In The State Capitol; Republicans Are Losing Their Minds

What's next, mandatory shooting?

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Reagan's Disciple said...

Why do the liberals think that the law-abiding citizens will be shooting up the state?

They haven't done that in any of the other 48 states which allow CCW. Why would WI be any different?

CCW w/ a permit is a winning issue for the right. I'm not so sure that "Constitutional Carry" (w/o permit)is as winning of an issue, but nonetheless we will have some type of CCW in WI shortly, which will be good.

Doyle had a chance to sign solid legislation on this years ago and vetoed it, twice. Perhaps Doyle should have listened to the people of our state back at that time and the "Constitutional Carry" would not even be an issue right now.

Either way, I'm fine with trusting our law-abiding citizens and it is good legislation for WI.


James you have an open invite that anytime you wish, I'll take you out to McMillers in Eagle and let you shoot some of my Glocks, HK's, S&W's, AK's or AR-15's. We can line them all up and see which ones you like better or feel more comfortable.

Who knows, perhaps you will be one of those "cowboys" to eventually strap on a holster some day????