Monday, August 2, 2010

Scott Jensen In Plale-Larson Race Could Cut Either Way

Dan Bice's bombshell story about the political resurfacing of Scott Jensen, and in particular the former GOP Assembly leader's predicted fund-raising on behalf of Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale, could have these impacts as Plale faces a primary opponent, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Chris Larson.

1. It will introduce big money into the race for Plale.

2. It will introduce a big issue and motivator into the race for Larson.

If this is really the year that voters are turned off by traditional politics and special interests, the insurgent Larson - - in what is essentially a grassroots, door-to-door contest - - could reap the biggest boost from this turn of events.

[Disclosure: I am a Larson supporter and donor.]

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xoff said...

Jensen has never really quit doing the strategy for GOP campaigns, despite his felony convictions. He's just willing to be more public now because he's cocky he will beat the rap.

Having him publicly identified as supporting the conservative in a Democratic primary, when one of the issues is Plale not being enough of a Democrat, should be a gift to Chris Larson's campaign -- and make Chris Sinicki and Jon Richards wonder about the company they are keeping. (Both have endorsed Plale)