Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Great To Have A President With A Green Agenda

It's refreshing to have the President in town, with an appearance at a Menomonee Falls new-generation battery and power systems plant - - ZBB Energy Corp..

In response, the Party of No is doing its predictable foot-stamping about High-Speed Rail: They claim to be fiscal conservatives, but are in league with the fully-subsidized, big-spending highway lobby and its billions for roads, and more billions for other GOP favorites - - wars, Defense contractors, oil drillers, Wall Street bankers and tax-sheltered estates.

The contradiction between Obama's greener energy agenda and the Right's corporate slavishness is palpable and inescapable.


Anonymous said...

Obama apparently wanted to see one his beloved "green" companies before it goes out of business.

Which ZBB is in the process of doing.

Btw where was Russ Fiengold yesterday, seems like he was MIA.

James Rowen said...

That would be Feingold.

Not every candidate's schedule overlaps everytime.

You might be reading too much into it.

Anonymous said...

Incumbent Senator in a tight re-election campaign and the President comes to town.

Instead of being joined at the hip, which would be the norm, Feingold is no where to be seen?

Scheduling conflict? Right, run with that one.

And here is a little more info on ZBB, guess the MJS missed this:

Why not the whole story on ZBB Energy Corporation?

Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalist