Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beck's Ratings Ploy Disgraces King's Work, Memory

Glenn Beck has described himself as a rodeo clown; as a full-bore conservative, conspiracy-addled radio and Fox News TV talker, he's graduated to a different arena - - the 24/7 electronic sprint for rating points and advertising revenue that led to his biggest, baddest, boldest and most grotesque bit of shameless self-promotion yet: Saturday's rally in Washington, DC and hijacking of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's memory and legacy.

It's between laughable and downright scary that angry, predominantly-white Tea Party supporters believe they have been victimized in the post-Obama America and are in in need of a civil rights movement with Beck - - part Oz and part Elmer Gantry - - at center stage.

King was appealing across party and racial lines to bring about justice at home and peace abroad.

Beck is mining discontent and stirring up anger, feeding his ego and fattening his wallet.

Once a clown, always a clown, and behind a costume, fake.

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Betsey said... editor, Mark Karlin:

Martin Luther King Had a Dream and Glenn Beck Was Not in It

full blog post:

I'm repeating the comment I made on your Aug 28 12:13 p.m. post because Mark Karlin said it so well.