Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's This: Communities Want High-Speed Rail Stations?

Sanity on high-speed rail participation is rediscovered, according to The Daily Reporter (site registration required):

"The decision to drop Oconomowoc from consideration for a station on the Milwaukee-to-Madison high-speed train route is a done deal for now, and plenty of communities are asking to take Oconomowoc’s place, said Cari Anne Renlund, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Among those interested are Hartland, Wauwatosa, Waterloo and Sun Prairie, Renlund said.'


Anonymous said...

What is the gist of the linked "subscriber only" article?

And word of advice to communities looking to have a train station, don't ask any messy questions like "how much will this cost our tax-payers?".

James Rowen said...

That several communities want a station if Oconomwoc indeed is dropped.

You can register online for that site without a subscription purchase, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Irony. The resistors of high-speed rail insist no one will use it, and the Oconomowoc station site gets axed(for now anyway)partly over the cost of a parking structure to handle demand. The state offers 5 million towards the station, the city thinks it needs 30 million for station and structure. Both figures seem high to me.

Opponents of HSR need to look at two things to understand what it's all about. Search "China High Speed Rail map" and "US high speed rail map" in seperate windows if possible, and compare the two. This is all about world economic competitiveness. While you're at it, you might notice that every country in the world with any aspiration of competing in the 21st Century is planning, building or enjoying high speed rail.