Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Horror Stories From County Care Facility: How Thick Is Walker's Teflon?

The Journal Sentinel's investigative reporters unearth chilling tales of assault, danger and administrative irresponsibility at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex - - a major arm of the government under the management of County Executive Scott Walker.

And this is not the first such revelation: Is there a way for Walker to evade his administrative responsibilities in this case, too? Is there a county supervisor who can be sacrificed so the guy in charge can stay distracted from County affairs and fund raise, speechify and Tweet?

[From Yesterday's Walker Tweets:
Was out shooting w/ some of my Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Coalition this AM #believeinwi #wigov

Yet somehow, some way, the Scott Walker campaign and the candidate hope voters will disconnect the candidate from his current job so he can move to the Governor's mansion.

Such a leap would defy all laws of political accountability, or can Walker make a liar out of Harry Truman, who told us where the buck stopped?

Doesn't recent performance count for anything these days, which is the theme of a newly-released Tom Barrett ad (and, one has asked me to connect these dots. They connect themselves on a lazy summer Sunday.)

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