Thursday, August 19, 2010

Financing Questions Asked By Expert About UWM/County Grounds Expansion

The expert is no less than the chairman of UWM's Department of Economics, according to the Daily Reporter.

I sense a rush to judgment over this project. If I were a Tosa resident, I'd be worried that my $12 million TIF investment, spread with borrowing over 27 years to something like $18.5 million, might be getting what people less diplomatic than Econ Department Chairman Bill Holahan would call a pig in a poke.

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Anonymous said...

Today,the Regents approved a budget to increase undergraduate enrollment, with concerns that it does not include an estimate of costs to meet current expenses.
The Governor warned Regents that more budget cuts would be coming but encouraged the Regents to stay focused on making education affordable. Why, is this expensive, nebulous engineering gamble still being discussed?