Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mental Health Issue Solved! Walker Campaigns, Tweets The L8tst

After Qwik CO Bz Stop, Scott Tweets To U 2 Keep U Updated Outstate 2 Day :

  1. Met a bunch of Lew Latto fans. @foDaveRoss, @Duffy4Congress & @daneforsenate were w/ us in Superior.#believeinwi
  2. Great stop in Superior! I've been up many times and I'll b back in town on the 11th
  3. Started am in Eau Claire. Now off 2 Superior. God has given us another beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

"... . . And the good news is that due to my great leadership, we're down to only 2 sexual assaults per day at the County Mental Health Complex!"

tweet, twitter, twit

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

fornesGlad God gave Scott Walker a beautiful day! However in the scheme of the eternal universe, God has much more serious human concerns than whether Scott Walker has a beautiful day.

It's a bit arrogant, but given the crowd Scott Walker hopes to attract, maybe it's appropriate!