Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot Market Predicted For Electric Cars

This expert sees it coming.

Think about it: How many days does your car sit in the driveway unused, or perhaps is driven once or twice for relatively-short distance errands?

Like other vehicles, electric cars will not be chosen by every owner, for every use, but having the option available as prices come down and the driving range goes up is exciting news.

Better urban and inter-city rail systems would close the loop.


Anonymous said...

Am glad your excited and all, but haven't you been waiting for 20 to 30 years for your electric cars?

Other than some overpriced cars finally coming to market, every aspect of what you bring up could have been reported in reported in 1980.

Max Max said...

I've read that a big problem for electric cars is that areas that would benefit the most from them-very urbanized areas-also are the least able to support them. Think about all the urban buildings with a parking garage, lot, or street parking with nary an outlet in sight? This is somehting they need to figure out how to solve to expand their market.

James Rowen said...

A few things: Remember that GM had, then abandoned, its electric car years ago.
Brian: there is work afoot to develop in-home charging units, and buildings are beginning to install chargers in garages. Charging stations are being developed, too.
It's all new, but coming.

James Rowen said...

More on the early stages of charging station development.