Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beck Rally Attendees Jammed DC's Transit, Metrorail System

News reports say the anti-government protesters heading for Glenn Beck's rally in Washington, DC overwhelmed Metro rail stations.

I hope those showing up to rail against taxes and spending appreciated the taxpayer-subsidized, government-built, government-managed Metro rail lines that got them to and from the event.


Anonymous said...

Good point!

Jim Bouman said...

They were planning to take cabs, but got scared off when they saw that lots of the cabbies were you-know-whats.

Grant said...

"About half of the Atlantic Wire staff lives safely on the Green and Yellow line. Of course, we are all armed to the teeth. And Eritrean."

Betsey said... editor, Mark Karlin:

Martin Luther King Had a Dream and Glenn Beck Was Not in It

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