Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheryl Nenn's Solid Suggestion To UWM: Rethink That Campus Plan For The County Grounds

I really appreciated Cheryl Nenn's thoughtful op-ed in the Journal Sentinel that sensibly urges UWM to reconsider its plan to build an engineering school on the County Grounds.

I've argued for some time on this blog - - example here - - that a multitude of financing and siting issues have made this plan doubtful from the beginning.

Should a university be the agent these days of land and open space loss, longer student and faculty commutes, and an overall larger carbon footprint?

With UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago - - the plan's driving force - - now leaving for Washington, DC, this is the right time to slow the plan down, and find some alternatives.

Others have weighed in - - check out a posting I grabbed earlier from the blog Milwaukee County First.

Also this from Urban Wilderness.

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