Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whitefish Bay Wise To Invest In Schools, Despite Recession

I meant to give props to Whitefish Bay voters who voted by referendum last week to pay a slightly higher property taxes to improve their schools.

The voters understood that investing in schools would help the Village remain attractive and continue to provide quality educations to the students.

I'm always baffled when I read about suburbs that turn down local school referenda even though the ability to absorb small annual tax increases is relatively easy, given the communities' demographics.


Matt said...

But that's the point. In WI, we are nickel and dimed to death.

Investing in bricks and mortar does not a quality education make. More emphasis in math, science, economics; less reading, arts, foreign languages.

I do realize the importance of some of the humanities in that it teaches the importance of argument, etc. but expecting a high school or even college freshman/sophomore to think in a philosophy/sociology/etc. class is stupid. Also, foreign languages are important but not to the extent we take them. I say one year, and then RosettaStone.

I say again: We in this nation are offering masters degrees in subjects that are making our competitors in Asia LOL at us. Kids want to go to college to do whatever their heart's desire, but they flunk basic algebra.

Anon Jim said...

Matt - it is indeed the old death by a thousand cuts.

Would like to see even one tax / fee increase goo-goo's like James are against.