Wednesday, November 4, 2009

McIlheran Foams, Fumes Over Milwaukee Water Initiative

The Journal Sentinel's in-house conservative blogger stamps his electronic foot over the idea - - the very notion!! - - that Milwaukee might use its Lake Michigan advantages to lure industry and jobs to the City.

The Horror. The Horror!


Joseph Thomas Klein said...

Patty's Zombies need to take a course in statistics. The best indicator of the economic health of a state is per capita start ups. Are the tax havens like Texas or Mississippi start up heaven? No.

The states with the most start ups are California, Massachusetts, and Washington; hardly a bunch of low tax low regulation locales. Blue states and kinda liberal at that. Places with scary things, like immigrants and rail transit.

Anon Jim said...

Joe with the appropriate surname of "Klein", nice job of establishing a false foundation to what you are trying to pass of as logic and then basing your argument on that.

Even then - the 3 areas driving your start up stats, Silicon Valley / Boston / Seattle, have been hot economic development areas for going on 30 years now for a variety of reasons.

Seattle - lets see does that have anything to do with it being Bill Gates hometown? How about the only reason.

Silicon Valley - that one is self-explanatory.

Boston - that one I have never figured out to be honest. It is a beautiful & historic area - but the city-folk are a very unsavory lot.

Being in New England is like being in Door County - it is such a beautiful area, but you just wish the obnoids from Boston/NY (likewise Chicago) weren't there ruining it.