Monday, November 30, 2009

Glacial Melt Continuing, Despite Email Furor

While the Right (lead by chief science wizard Rush Limbaugh) escalates its rhetoric about climate science conspiracies based on twisted interpretations of cherry-picked hacked emails, there is a fresh report that New Zealand's glaciers are continuing their meltoff.

Of course, you could claim that the measurements are faked, that New Zealand wants this kind of publicity, which makes about much sense as does Dr. Limbaugh's rants.


Anon Jim said...

Note that you were more than happy to link a WSJ article when it was one you agreed with.

But on this topic instead of referencing WSJ's excellent opinion piece, you make a vague comment about Limbaugh in a lame attempt to discredit Climate-gate.

Nice job of being disingenuous James.

illusory tenant said...

WSJ article ... WSJ opinion piece ...

Substantial difference.

Anon Jim said...

Apparently the "twisted interpretations" were justification enough for Phil Jones to step down from his position as Director of the (previously) prestigious Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Just keep self-deluding yourselves this is much to do about nothing.

illusory tenant said...

Had he stepped down or not, you'd still be complaining. So what difference does it make?

Matt said...

Well, maybe that it's time to start from square one. The raw data was cooked, as told through the emails, and said data no longer exists anyway.

Cancel Copenhagen, scrap Cap and Trade. The head of the meteorology at MIT thinks that AGW is nothing to be concerned about if it does exist.

The bottom line is that since the data at best was exaggerated by politically motivated "scientists" and at worse, completely fabricated and/or falsified; we don't need to take a risk of burdening our economy with this regulatory framework, utility price increases, and taxes with this AGW.