Monday, November 9, 2009

What The UWM Chancellor Said About R&D

I was out of town when UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago shared some of his thinking about new colleges and research institutes with athe Northwest Side Community Development Corporation, so I am catching up on my reading and posting this link to how Howard Snyder, the NWSCDC's Executive Director, took the chancellor's remarks.

For the record - - my son Sam works at the NWSCDC, but he didn't mention this presentation and reaction to me.

I am told, separately, that Santiago has submitted to state officials an initial $35 million land and infrastructure spending plan for the engineering and innovation school and center he wants to build at the County Grounds, in Wauwatosa at the Zoo Interchange - - with grants to cover half the initial sum.

Philanthropist Michael Cudahy has backed away from interest in donating to the new campus that Santiago wants located on the County Grounds - - despite suggestions it should be in the City, and certainly closer to Marquette University, the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the rest of UWM and the heart of the region's commercial and industrial presence.

That's a lot of money headed out of Milwaukee and the very neighborhoods and constituencies that most need public investments.

More on that later.

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