Monday, November 16, 2009

Scott Walker Kicks Gay People: Typical GOP Playbook Material

Oh, it just wouldn't be a modern-day GOP camdidacy without kicking gay people around, right.
Er, Right?


antiLiberal said...

From the article, Walked vetoed the provision described as: The County Board on Nov. 5 approved drafting revisions to its employee health plan to include benefits for same- or opposite-sex partners of county workers....

If case you haven't noticed, we are in tough economic times. In the private sector, that means most of us are happy to have a job, thankful our benefits are not getting cut, and that we don't have to pay substantially more for the benefits we currently have.

Jim, are you advocating that while employees in the private sector are getting less, we should fund additional benefits for those in the public sector?

While gays are included in this provision, this includes opposite sex partners. Maybe this is more of an issue of economics than an issue of discrimination as you imply. Presently, we are not in the economic situation to bloat public spending still further.

Matt said...


Well said. If Milwaukee were truly discriminatory in it's employment practices, there would be people leaving the county in droves.

Anon Jim said...

And shouldn't something like this be included as part of the collective bargaining with the County employee's union and their lucrative contract?

Instead of a big give-away for something the Union hasn't even asked for?

Anytime the Union is asked to budge on anything they cry a river of tears and/or want a huge concession in return.

And James you shamefully go for the cheap shot with the gay bashing whine.

William said...

Oh, it's the economic times, you say. What was the excuse when times were better in the past? And what will be the excuse post-recovery? There's an agenda at work here, and it ain't solely about saving money.

antiLiberal said...


Sounds like a gay-whine.

And, yes, under these circumstances it is an issue of economics.

Please, cite examples of Walker's past actions that indicate the veto is a gay issue and not an issue of economics.