Thursday, November 12, 2009

John Michlig On Development And Other Developments In Franklin, Washington State And California

Several threads tied together nicely by Franklin blogger John Michlig.

I like the NY Times citation about foreclosure rates being lower in communities served by transit.


Anonymous said...

Your friend fails to mention the premise of the article: that mass transit trains are a complete black hole of money EVERYBODY has to pay for, whether they have access or not.

Besides, if you are so against the reconstruction on existing highways that may require more right of way, what say you regarding the massive corridor that a rail system might need, in addition to the existing unexpanded freeway? My guess is that you think that it's just collateral damage in your cheerleading for trains. I am interested in your response though.

James Rowen said...

I am not in favor of taking land for transit or highway right-of-way willy-nilly.

Good planning can minimize and coordinate these land-use demands.

We all pay for transit the same way we all pay for roads, whether we use them or not. They are part of a society's shared costs and opportunities.

Right now, roads demand a far bigger share of the pie than transit.