Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Is True To Form

Their snotty editorial about Louis Butler underscores why no takes that part of the paper seriously.


Anon Jim said...

Good to see "Loophole" Louie getting more national exposure for what an embarrassment of a judge he is.

At least the majority of voters in Wisconsin had the common sense to recognized this not once, but twice.

Too bad the Obama administration does not.

Anonymous said...

inane jim-"majority of voters"?there was a 12% turnout! it was the wsj editorial board that embarassed itself with such untruths as stating that judicial temperament was an issue in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Jim -

WSJ circulation is growing and they are now enjoy the highest subscription base in the nation.

Disagree with them if you want, but you have to admit that they have one heck of a pulpit.