Tuesday, November 17, 2009

County Process Flaws Stalled Park East Turnaround

It has taken far too long for some Park East projects to move forward, in part because Milwaukee County does poorly when it comes to development.

The City, with a Department of Development, has a better track record and more expertise with which to work, but County officials wanted control over parcels they owned - - but didn't have the staff and tools to make things move smartly and quickly.

The result: inertia.

Scott Walker recently suggested starting a County agency to compete with the City's DCD.

That's duplicative and wasteful.

Ceding more control to the City would get projects in the ground faster, and thus on the tax rolls quicker, too.


capper said...

Of course, you do realize that Walker only made that suggestion to get some of his buddies, like former campaign manager, Tim Russell, higher money towards the pension.

Unknown said...

Cut $10 Mil, add a new department?

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

A Barrett ad should have a picture taken at the east edge of Park East along Water Street. On one side you have the city lands with new growth delivered, on the other side the county lands with promises and weeds. You decide which leader is better for the state.