Monday, November 9, 2009

Health Care Vote Hero

Dust off the label "Profile in Courage."

I especially like his ability to hold off the GOP's strong-arm tactics.


Anon Jim said...

So James, can we assume you believe the 39 Democrats who voted against H.R. 3962 should be denounced, castigated, and driven from office for being the cowards they apparently are?

Curious minds would like to know.

Anonymous said...

eh. not really. he's in a district that voted 75% for Obama and he won by a fluke (a corrupt and indicted incumbent). Courage would have been some legislator in a repub or swing district standing up against this anti-health-care insanity. Petri, for example.

Anon Jim said...

Btw - this is obviously a desperate attempt by Cao to hold onto the seat he won over from the extremely corrupt Dem William J. Jefferson.

We could give him some credit for voting with the wishes of his constituents, but Cao is certain to be a "one & done" congressperson regardless.

Brutus said...

Nice to see a politician do the right thing for his constituants regardless of his own political longevity.

Anon Jim said...

Ummm Brutus, what part of his vote reflected "regardless"?

Cao voted in order to maintain his political longevity, not in spite of, and only after the vote was already determined.

His district, Louisiana 2nd, last had a Republican in 1891 and it will be a Democrat again in 2011 unless the Republican surge next year will be bigger than expected.

James - no comment on the 39 Dems who voted against H.R. 3962? Not stamping my feet or anything but am curious.

Brutus said...

Anon Jim; Cao's district has been without a hospital since Katrina. He broke rank for the people of his district. As for the 39 that voted against, they ARE desperate to save their skin. Mostly blue dogs. 2010 is anybodies guess. I did'nt think Americans would tolerate the neo-cons for the 2004 election. Welp, they. pulled out that (false) Nat'l security threat level and had people too scared (again) for change. Will the tea baggers,led by the neo-cons, fool enough Americans with their antics? Probably. Will Rupert Murdoch become an American citizen? Inquiring minds want to know.