Clarke Concerned about Crashes on Marquette Interchange Ramp

By Charles Benson

Story Created: Nov 18, 2009

Story Updated: Nov 19, 2009

MILWAUKEE - It's accidents like the one that shut down the northbound I-43 ramp last month that has Sheriff David Clarke worried. There have been 68 accidents there in the last year.

Sheriff Clarke wants to know if the ramp's tight turn is to blame for the rising crash stats.

"Just as a motorist when I came around this I said 'This thing is pretty steep for even 40 miles an hour," says Clarke

Clarke asked the state to study the I-43 ramp and crash data to see if there is a problem.

State Transportation officials say there is nothing wrong with the ramp. It was built to federal highway safety standards. But Sheriff Clarke wonders if there is a design flaw.

Clarke adds, "In this day-in-age with the technology and engineering available I find it puzzling that the state would put that steep of a ramp inside an interchange."

The state and the sheriff agree speed is a problem. Clarke set up a speed checker until he can get some answers from state engineers.

"It's a new ramp so we want to properly diagnosed it so we know what intervention might be necessary to prevent someone from being seriously injured or killed."