Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barrett Wants Quick Federal Action Against Asian Carp Threat

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, aware that the destructive Asian carp has made its way past an electric barrier and is closing in on Lake Michigan, has asked two federal agencies to block the carp by closing a set of dams and locks near Chicago.

Barrett's letter is here.

The New York Times took note of the imminent danger a few days ago.

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Joshua Skolnick said...

Why not permanently close the artificial linkage between Lake Michigan and the Illinois/Mississippi drainage by sealing it shut and constructing a railhead at both termini setting up a sort of roll-on/roll-off system running on rail to portage around the block, or simply beef up the existing rail lines to accept the barged materials passing through the Chicago Sanitary and Ship canal, and closing it permanently. Check out Google Earth to see the existing rail infrastructure; you can also see the electric fish barrier on it as well.