Friday, November 6, 2009

The Bush Legacy Still Stings

Some forget that the economy went into free fall during the late days of the Bush administration, wiping out the McCain-Palin ticket.

Without initiatives begun in the first ten months of the Obama administration, things would no doubt be worse than they are today.


Anonymous said...

It seem to me that once the republican party was going to lose the election, the countries economy went down hill. What was it about October of last year
" Oh, by the way we have been in a recesion since last December"
Makes me wonder what the Bush adminstration was really doing?

Matt said...

Prove it.

The $800B package that was supposed to cap unemployment at 9%? That one? The one Romer designed, who claimed the bang is felt?

Hiring a tax cheat for Treasury Secretary (and head of the IRS) undermined his credibility immediately.

Yeah, thought so.

Anon Jim said...

$80 Billion and counting sunk into the GM and Chrysler to keep the UAW afloat, which will never ever be re-paid.

$1 Trillion sham of a stimulus package.

A recession temporarily halted for one quarter due to the idiotic cash for clunkers give away.

Oh yeah - we are in great economic shape.

/sarcasm off

Anonymous said...

Uh huh.

We know. If Bush hadn't done part 1 of the bailout and Obama part 2, and if we hadn't done the stimulus, we would have over 10% unemployment.

We did all that and we have 10.2% unemployment.

This isn't a legacy, this is a disaster and Obama merely came in and poured lighter fluid on the burning smoldering ash heap.

Brutus said...

The rise of wall st. was orchestrated by the far right. Paulson lobbied for the 40:1 leverage rate when he was at Goldman. His sept 15 '08 proclamation was nothing less than the hostile corporate take-over of the u.s. treasury, with the corporations now picking their ideological winners and loosers. Who says gov't does'nt create wealth? It's disgraceful. The u.s. economy taken over by thugs and theives, and all we the people got was bitch slapped. Oddly, even as the ideology is getting run out town, the neo-cons are up front making it look like a parade. Come on along. No brains required.

Anon Jim said...

Ahhh Brute - hasn't Wall St. been the undisputed center of financial power in the U.S since before Sept '08, as in 1908?

And since the noe-libs have been in complete power since January - why haven't they done anything to resolve this?

DO agree with your "no brains" comments though - well at least as it pertains to you as you demostrate time after time.

Brutus said...

Yes Jimbo, wall st. does need stricter over-sight. The scam they created had no place in a conservative society, or any other. De-regulation enabled their activity. Committes are meeting and legislation is forthcoming. Best wishes catching-up on current events. As for your personal attacks on me, good luck. You sound desperate. Like someone living and believing in the past.