Friday, November 27, 2009

GOP Has Problems If Economy, News Improve

The news as reported by the Journal Sentinel that Wisconsin is not the tax hell that GOP leaders repeatedly claim is hardly Republicans want to read.

Likewise the news about job losses in the state plateauing.

That is because Republicans want- - need - - to campaign against incumbent Jim Doyle even if the incumbent is not on the 2010 ballot, and taking away the "blame-Jim" card eliminates a major, if not the pivotal Republican strategy.

The better is the trendlig news for Wisconsin as it climbs out of a deep national recession, the worse politically for Republicans.

Imagine needing more suffering to succeed electorally.

For years, incumbent Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker profited politically from the messy Tom Ament legacy.

Ament was a convenient excuse for Walker and his thin, one-note opportunism.

But if Doyle is not available as an easy punching bag for GOP cookie-cutter ads, Walker or the unlikely primary winner Mark Neumann, will have a harder time connecting with the voters through facts.


Anonymous said...

I am for fiscal frugality and will vote for Walker. Barrett is a liberal taxer. no thanks.

Anon Jim said...

Ahhhh James and the J-S for that matter - what about the $2 Billion and growing hole in the state Budget that lands Wisconsin in the "top" 10 of states in fiscal trouble?

Which would be a $4 Billion hole if not for Obama's "stimulus" bailout.

Just another article by the J-S that is a complete joke.

Tom Strini said...

A TCD exclusive update on the governor's race. Another hat's in the ring on the Dems' side.