Tuesday, June 2, 2009

EPA Wants SS Badger To Stop Dumping Coal Ash

The US Environmental Protection Agency is moving to stop the ferry SS Badger from cleaning its coal-fired boilers and dumping the ash-thickened slurry overboard.

This is a long-overdue action.

Full story from the Ludington, MI daily newspaper, here

The ferry funs between Ludington, and Manitowoc, WI.

Sure, Lake Michigan is a big body of water, but it doesn't need this repetitive dose of coal ash.

By the way, the State of Wisconsin has, by statute, give the ferry a specific exemption from clean air regulation so that it could continue its voyages.

The ferry buys its coal through the municipally-owned electric company in the City of Manitowoc, adding a further wrinkle to the efforts of the federal government to clean up the environment.

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