Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now How Will The Doyle-Hating, WMC/Business Shills Explain This?

Wisconsin leads the nation now in manufacturing employment.


Kevin said...

Thank God there aren't more auto industry jobs in Wisconsin than Indiana.

And, that's still too high a percentage if you ask me. If there's one thing (and you might agree w/ me here James) I don't like is there too few higher degree jobs in Wisconsin beyond Government work. We signed a death pact w/ the manufacturing sector a long-time ago, and it's slowing being cashed in.

Anonymous said...

Um we are just not declining as fast as other states . . . We still have lost over a hundred thousand manufactoring jobs in the last decade . . . Nothing to be proud of . . . But if you want to take the credit, go for it . . .

James Rowen said...

To Kevin: I covered the labor economy in SE Wisconsin as a beat reporter at the Milwaukee Journal as the real decline hit in the early 80's.

It's been a long process, and in my view, had more to do with changing markets and globalization than it did with Wisconsin state policies.

To the second commenter:

No one is proud or happy with the state of manufacturing here, but the data does show that we are in better shape certainly than our neighbors, and that some of what the WMC and the others say about Wisconsin is false.