Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sykes Goes Racial In Healthcare Rant

There are moments when conservative talk radio reveals its cringe-worthy pathologies: Charlie Sykes did it without warning this morning on his AM 620 WTMJ program after the 10 a.m. news break.

The subject was Pres. Barack Obama's health care thinking that was aired on an ABC special last night - - and one with apparently low ratings.
Sykes, blasting Obama - - and I think the health care issue is huge, and not simnple, and worthy of real debate - - took a call from a woman who described herself as frightened that the Obama plan might cost her specialized care she receives for an unspecified, but unusual and serious illness.

Sykes did not ask her any questions, but continued to fulminate, even talking over the woman - - and I get the format: it's his show, the callers are foils, or secondary, whatever - - so his talking without asking her questions is not my point.

But when the woman said she feared that 35-year-old women might soon get their care rationed away - - perhaps a reference to her own condition - - Sykes disagreed, saying in the near term, ationing would fall on "old white guys with unfashionable diseases."

I couldn't believe it.

Making this about race?

And by the way, there are studies and data to show that while males, in fact, get better health care than women or non-whites.

Honest-to-God: conservative talk radio can sometimes be pure poison.

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