Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Regionalism To Save Milwaukee Transit? Not With Waukesha A Player

Gov. Doyle vetoed Milwaukee County's sales tax aimed to save Milwaukee's failing bus system.

He says he wants a regional approach.

Well, what region?

Waukesha County opposed even the Milwaukee Transit Authority - - see The Freeman's blunt anti-Milwaukee position here - - and killed Milwaukee's light rail plans ten years ago, so if Waukesha continues to have a regional veto, nothing will happen and Milwaukee's transit keeps withering away - - which seems to be OK with current county exec and Doyle campaign opponent Scott Walker, a leader more in line with Waukesha thinking than Milaukee's.

Politics is driving Milwaukee's transit into the ground and stunting its growth and options.

In our region, regionalism means Stick It To Milwaukee.

A new planning commission, with authority over transit planning would help, but that means packaging Waukesha into a different region or restricting is veto powers.


Dave Reid said...

Jim, I believe the 3 county RTA was approved by Governor Doyle. It was the single county sales tax that Doyle vetoed.

jpk said...

What's the status of the effort to create a new MPO for Milw County?

J said...

How appropriate. The Wisconsin Historical Society reports that on this day (June 30) in 1951, the final line of Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Co. was abandoned. At one time, the company's system extended from Milwaukee west to Madison, north to Sheboygan, and south to Kenosha.

James Rowen said...

To Dave: I said the Milwaukee County sales tax. Right?

To JPK: I am told that everyone has been too focused on the budget to deal with anything else.

To J: Nice catch.

enoughalready said...

Is it safe to assume Gov. Doyle would not have issued this veto without an OK from Mayor Barrett?

(And did you notice there was not even a mention of Mayor Barrett in the Journal Sentinal article?)