Sunday, June 21, 2009

Despite Right-Wing Propaganda, Most Americans Support Public Option In Health Insurance Reform

It makes sense that consumers - - well-trained in the logic of the marketplace and adept at turning off the Right-Wing spin machine - - tell pollsters that they want the option of buying government-run health insurance to compete with private plans.


That's what consumers are saying.

If it's too expensive, consumers will maintain or return to private plans.

And if it's a better deal - - as each will define for him or herself - - then the government plan gets the contract.

Righties can yammer all they want as a distraction about the Postal Service (I think fourty-four cents for airmail, then door-to-door delivery is one of the world's great remaining bargains, but I think the message is clear and I expect the Congress to set the public option in motion.

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