Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 50th To The St. Lawrence Seaway - - And To The Great Lakes-Wrecking Invasive Species Coming In Through The Seaway, Too

The seaway, an economic failure, has helped poison the Great Lakes with invasive mussels and other ruinous species.

The overly-clear water at the edge of Lake Michigan near the city water works' Linnwood Treatment Plant - - and the stinky weeds that grow at the lake bottom as a result of excess penetrating sunlight - - are a direct result of the presence of non-native, invasive mussels that rode into the lake in the purged ballast water of ocean-going freighters arriving here through the Seaway.

Just shut the seaway down.

Its negatives outweigh modest shipping activity, now about 20% of what was initially promised.

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