Sunday, June 28, 2009

Are Motorcycle Crashes On The Rise?

The answer, as we read and hear about motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin on a seemingly daily basis - - is yes.

I know the accident rate rises in the nicer weather, but Wisconsin Department of Transportation data - - see page 80 of the lengthy statistical review of all crashes in Wisconsin - - show big jumps in crashes and fatalities as a trend.

In 1993 - - 40 motorcycle deaths.

In 2000 - - 78.

In 2007 - - the latest year in the data - - 106.

And about three-quarter of the deaths involve cyclists without helmets, though often it is a vehicle driver who was at fault.

There's been a lot written over the past few years about Baby Boomers finally having the money and time to buy and ride the bike of their dreams, and the larger number of new bikers on the roads is certainly a factor - - and a tragic one.

Data from Science Daily shows it to be an epidemic.


Sheila! said...

Is Motorcycle ownership on the rise?

James Rowen said...

To Sheila! - - But has the ownership rate grown 265% since '93?

Sheila! said...

-Ownership up 48%
-Riders over 60 way up
-Other Drivers over 60 way up
-Driver distraction up since 1993:
cell phones, texting, Starbucks, Ipods, GPS units,
-speed limits up to 65
Average vehicle size up (with more blind spots)

All in all I think I am better off in a minivan.

Michael Pereckas said...

though often it is a vehicle driver who was at fault

Driver of *another* vehicle at fault? Obviously, a motorcycle, like a human-powered bicycle, is a vehicle.

It's the human-powered variety of two-wheeler I use these days, though I had some fun with the motorized kind back in the day.