Friday, June 26, 2009

Climate Change Bill Clears House: Huge Environmental Victory

It was a squeaker, 219-212, but the climate change control bill, ushering in a new era of green power and reduced reliance on foreign oil, has passed the House of Representatives.

Details, here.

The Senate may be tougher, where Republicans could filibuster it, but it's got a shot.

Great victory also for President Barack Obama and former Veep Al Gore.

Congratulations, one and all.


Anonymous said...

This is a sad day for America. Do you even know the details of the bill? None of the Reps even read the bill. This is going to kill a state like Wisconsin. You can kiss the paper mills good-bye and any heavy manufacturing facility in the United States. What economically challenged liberals do not understand that it is not just the direct energy costs used by consumers that will skyrocket, but the price of goods will skyrocket also. In addition, this bill will increase our dependency on foreign oil, since now it will be cheaper for oil companies to buy refined oil than to manufacture it. One oil executive stated that 1 out of 6 US refinerys will close by 2020. I cannot wait for 2010, because I have never contributed to a political party before, but I am going to contribute as much money as I can to any republican running against a democrat who voted for this idiotic bill.

Yor hero Gore, who will make millions off of this, is the biggest scam artists around.

It is funny, the democrats will end up screwing the very people they say they will help. When electricty rates in Wisconsin skyrocket, what are you going to write about then? Maybe you can write about the millions people like Pelosi, Dodd and other Democratic hacks will make off this. I am ashamed to be an American. I have an empty suit dumbo ears as a president and a stupid congressman (Kagen) as my rep.

James Rowen said...

To Anon;

I do not think the sky is falling.

You are catastrophizing; the bill may not clear the Senate; it was heavily watered down to satisfy the farm states and others, etc.

We have to start somewhere, as the rate of oil burn and greenhouse gas output is not sustainable.

Elli Davis said...

@ James:

I absolutely agree with you. Canada is going through the same process at the moment, couple of months ago the bill passed its first reading. The odd thing is that every single conservative voted against it. I mean, do they really live on a different planet than I? The bottom line is we have to trade something in for slowing the climate change. Of course it will cost money, but it has to be done.


Anonymous said...


I love how you say that I am catastrophizing, do you say the same regarding Al Gore? To you and Eli, day after day more and more scientists are comming out agaist the catastophic affects of Climate Change. But you two seem to be so blinded by your cause that you miss the truth. This bill, which I bet you know only the talking points about is a disaster. We will be subsidizing China and India. There is nothing in this bill that will lessen our dependence on oil. Obama and the rest of the Dems are lying when they say it will only cost us a postage stamp a day. Can you even admit that the Dems are not being honest about the true cost to the consumer regarding this bill?