Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford's Career: R.I.P.

Turns out the South Carloina GOP Governor, touted as a possible 2012 presidential contender, wasn't hiking the Appalachian Trail - - as we know it - - when he disappeared last week.

He was in Argentina.

Who knew the Appalachian Trail went that far?

When the next shoe drops, no one will be surprised if Sanford begins speaking Klingon.


Ming-Ming said...

He said he was driving along the coast of Argentina. Unfortunately for him there are no scenic coastal roads where he said he was.

He probably travels to hook up with a "friend."

I think the bigger problem is his staff lying to cover for him.

Jim Bouman said...

A big problem is that he's the Chief Executive and principal constitutional officer of a state of the union.

And the head of a family.

He left the State--not to mention his spouse and offspring--for days on end, stayed out of contact, left no number where he could be reached in an emergency.

It amazes--but somehow fails to surprise--me how the bold, responsible, grown-up leaders of the GOP consistently act like so many feckless 14 year olds.

Anonymous said...

um, he was having an affair in Argentina. (he's admitted it). LOL! family values, yeah,s ure.

Anonymous said...

he's now being called Gaucho Marx. and his girlfriend is Liz Woodcasa.

berkshire said...

he was having affair in Argentina.

web development said...

he is head of the family and that is the bigger problem for him.