Friday, August 3, 2007

Xoff - - Mayor Nelson Internet Tilt

Pete Kennedy's now-infamous anti-Milwaukee screed has spun off an op-ed from Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson, and a response from Bill Christofferson.

Because Bill's response contains the full text of Mayor Nelson's remarks in text, I can get you into the debate most easily at Bill's blog, here.

A few thoughts of my own:

Kennedy's rant was over-the-top, and with parts correctly labeled "gutter" by Mayor Nelson.

You can access Kennedy's remarks here, where I also had my say on Kennedy's demagoguery.

I don;t agree with Mayor Nelson that Bill's response to what Kennedy needlessly stirred up was in any way the equivalent.

But I was glad to see Nelson getting involved, standing up for Milwaukee and not sticking it to us.

Bill's analysis of the cities and the region is right on, and again shows Kennedy, a former Waukesha Freeman editor, to be the small thinker in this debate.

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