Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Item About Highway 41 Sparks Debate At Conservative Blogger's Site

Those darn internets produce the most interesting results.


Steve Branca said...

My comment on the site Jim links to here.

A couple of things come to mind:
1. Maybe “elites” push for rail and transit because no one listens to the people it will actually serve. And is the definition of an “elite” a person who thinks about policy rather than rubber-stamping the politically expedient? If so, count me it.
2. I was in a meeting some years ago with the Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation when he said “if I had all the money in the world I couldn’t solve our transportation problems with highways.” (Yes, it was startling enough that I remember his exact words.)
3. After spending $11 billion in the 1980’s on highway improvements, the San Francisco Bay area transportation officials said “you can’t build your way out of congestion.”
4. Being one, I can speak for the general aviation community and say that the airports are built and operated in large part with federal Aviation Trust Fund money which comes from taxes on aviation fuel. Much of the rest of the cost is paid by users through landing fees, on-airport rents, etc. (General aviation pilots are overwhelmingly more wealthy than the population at large, as good a definition of “privileged” as there is.)
5. Recent urban rail projects have far exceeded their pre-construction ridership projections. (What is it about rail that inspires hatred? Really folks!)
6. My house did not burn down yesterday. Nevertheless, I paid some tax money for the fire department. (This unconscionable extortion of my hard-earned money has gone on for some time now.)
7. It’s the right that started the culture war. Shall we talk about Reagan’s states rights speech in Philadelphia, MS to kick off his campaign in 1980?

ven said...

Look my point to Peter was simple. He (like most other "conservatives") follow this notion that if “a lot” of people do not use something then they should not have to pay for them. I used 2 simple examples that so far he has said nothing about. I personally do not mind paying extra so that the bridges lining the downtown go up and down even though a very few and select group of people will ever need them to do so. I do not mind paying a little extra so that a select few can fly to their north woods cabin on the weekends. If we can get people up and down the river and up north to Minocqua in just a few hours why can’t we get them across town at a reasonable, affordable and consistent basis? Peter you are right about the fire dept, police, etc.. I’ve heard some say that now their kids are out of school why should they pay for schooling on their property taxes. What kind of society have we become?