Monday, August 13, 2007

BP Permit 'Solution:' An Independent Review

Mitch Daniels, The Indiana Governor, dodges responsibility in the BP pollution permit fiasco by asking for an 'independent' review.

This is the oldest dodge in the elected-officials'-in-trouble playbook, right up there with the independent commission.

The review is hardly independent because Governor Daniels appointed the independent reviewer.

Daniels approved the permit. He should have the smarts and political backbone to rescind it. And to say he made a mistake in approving it.

That's the way an elected official make a wrong into a right

That would be leadership.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Rahm Emanuel have set up an online petition to stop BP's dumping plans in their tracks. They'll be presenting the petition at a meeting with BP on September 1st.

Please help by signing their petition to BP here: