Friday, August 24, 2007

Stewardship Fund Success Stories Speak For Themselves

Those trying to save the state's popular and bi-partisan public land aquisition program - - The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund - - couldn't have picked a better time to publish details of more than 20 outstanding examples of the program's value.

State Assembly Republicans, taking their marching orders from land 'developers' and other self-interested special interests, have suggested cuts to the program that would render it virtually useless.

The list of 20+ successes produced by Gathering Waters Conservancy, beyond tipping off the public to some public land gems statewide, can help citizens get specific with legislators about why the program needs the full-funding proposed in the 2007-09 state budget by Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle.

Final budget decisions are made in conference committee meetings, where legislators make deals: members of both parties and both legislative houses have to be told that land acquisition for the public to appreciate in perpetuity is not available for horse-trading.

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