Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sprawl Kills Welsh Heritage In The Kettle Moraine

Mike Johnson of The Journal Sentinel writes eloquently about the loss of Welsh heritage in the Kettle Moraine, as historic structures and farms go the way of subdivisions.

This is what the struggles over land-use, water, and regional planning and decision-making are all about in southeastern Wisconsin: one set of values rolling over another, but with the force of government, tax policy, big banks and political power greased with campaign donations on the prevailing side.

Here's another solid piece of writing about the Kettle Moraine, this time by former Journal Sentinel environmental writer Paul Hayes.

Waukesha County expects to increase its population by more than 40% in the next several decades - - essentially adding close to twice the entire Ozaukee County population within Waukesha County borders.

So goodbye Welsh heritage, and a whole lot more.

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