Thursday, August 30, 2007

Belling Laugh-A-Thon Subbing for Funny Man Limbaugh

Driving around Wednesday afternoon, and, for a moment, thought Comedy Central had begun a new radio feed.

Some guy was ranting about the similarities in American politics today to the Russian Revolution of 1920 - - whatever that meant (1917 perhaps?1918?) - - and that today's American Democrats were identical to Russian leftists then.

Among the talker's intellectually-deep red-baiting examples: support for national health insurance.

You know - - that sort of program they have in Communist Germany, Italy, France, Australia, and so on.

(In fact, here's a map of which countries have and don't have universal health care coverage. Note that the US provides it in Afghanistan and Iraq! Just what kind of values are we promoting over there? Communist?)

Then, a few minutes later, the squawker opined that as '08 unfolded, an independent Lieberman-McCain ticket was possible.

Mark that down, so to speak.

Anyway: Then I realized that this voice talking goofytalk belonged to our own radio ranger...Mark Belling.

And that he was talking from Rush Limbaugh's big chair in New York City (which Mark has said previously means he camps out in a hotel room rather than going out on the town during his free time and fretting, being in New York City and all...), so when Mark goes national, his ideas and words go national, too.

And that's comedy.

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